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Compete to be the top fundraiser for the Follow That Hat campaign! It's easy! Just create a fundraising page for yourself, your team or your company, then set a goal and start sharing your page! You can also host an event to help get you that much closer to your goal!

Raised $739 of $500
Joey Cheng
Joey Cheng

Joey is our little angel.

He does not lie, he does not judge, and does not play mind games.

This world is a tough place for someone like Joey to navigate through.

We wonder everyday "What would Joey do?" when we are no longer able to take care of him.

Please donate and help Golden Hat Foundation build a living, learning and training faciility for people with autism!






Raised $593 of $500.00
Mitch Helt
Mitch Helt

I am going to raise $500 by walking 12.4 miles (20 km) on Saturday, October 6th for the Golden Hat Foundation. I will be walking around Lady Bird Lake (Town Lake Trail) 3 times. I may need to stop and rest and eat of course, but will be on the trail until I finish. I want to show that people with autism are capable, capable of helping a cause that is worthy. Capable of being educated. Capable of having public responsibilities. Capable of being an important part of our society. Please help me reach my goal. A goal that I can not do on my own, but one that I can make sure happens.


Raised $50 of $50
Marisa Sales
Marisa Sales

Enter an informative description for your fundraiser, and provide any details or links for more information about the cause!

Raised $15 of $100.00
Jenifer Jenkins
Jenifer Jenkins

My son, Kross, has taught me more about life...and people, love...and compassion, pain...and hope, than any life experience HAS or COULD HAVE ever taught me.  My eyes are open, the world looks different, and I have been Re-defined because of this beautiful boy.  I love you Kross.

Raised $13 of $10.000
Dana Raykovich
Dana Raykovich

Come one come all, you know you want some kitten kisses!!


  • Monday, November 5
  • 6-7:30PM
  • Rattan Creek Neighborhood Center

Looking forward to it!!



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